What is Ogham? 

Ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet dating back to the 4th century where each of the letters are named after various trees. These intriguing symbols are a reminder that we can always draw inspiration from the environment around us. At Ogham Craft Spirits, this inspiration guides us to create spirits that faithfully represent the land they come from.

Where can I purchase your spirits? 

Our spirits are not available at the LCBO. We sell directly to the public from our distillery and tasting room located at 23-767 Silver Seven Road, Kanata, ON or shop online for local delivery within the city of Ottawa. 

We are happy to offer Canada-wide shipping on orders of any size. Unfortunately international shipping is not available at this time. 

If you are in the Niagara region, our spirits will soon be available in store at Archives Wine and Spirits

When will your whisky be ready? 

Our first cask of Signature Canadian Whisky was laid down in October 2021 and will reach maturity three years later, in the late fall of 2024. 

What is Canadian whisky?

To be called Canadian Whisky, a distilled spirit must be: 

  • made from cereal grain, mashed and distilled in Canada
  • aged, in Canada, in a wooden cask for a minimum of 3 years
  • bottled at a minimum of 40% ABV

By definition, Canadian whisky may contain additives such as caramel for colour. Ogham Craft Spirits proudly DOES NOT use caramel or other additives in the production of any of our products. 

Isn’t it spelled “whiskey”?

In the United States and Ireland, it is generally spelled “whiskey”, while in Scotland, Canada, India, Japan, and elsewhere - it is spelled “whisky” - without the e.

‘Whisky’ derives from the Gaelic term usquebaugh which translates as ‘water of life’. Uisge means water, and beatha means life. It’s a term used for many types of spirits over time and in many other languages, for example Eau-de-Vie.

What is Pot Still Gin? 

For many people, gin is synonymous with London Dry gin. At Ogham we make gin in the traditional Pot Still style. For more details visit our Pot Still Gin product page

Where are your spirits made? 

Our spirits are made entirely onsite, from grain to glass, at our distillery and tasting room located at 23-767 Silver Seven Rd. Kanata, ON. We create small batch spirits, picking up our malted grains from Mississippi Mills Malting, and our unmalted grains from Ottawa Valley Grain. We mill our grains in house with our hammer mill, and then mash and ferment in our 1500L mash tun. Next, our fermented mash (aka. wash) is distilled using our custom, Canadian-made 500L copper pot still from Victoria, BC - the only of its kind in Ottawa! We bottle and hand-label on site. 

What is Neutral Grain Spirit (NGS/GNS)?

NGS or Neutral Grain Spirits is a mass produced, highly concentrated, unscented spirit often used as the base for alcohol such as Vodka, Gin, or other spirits. In Canada, producers are not required to directly disclose whether or not they have made their own base spirit. While bulk purchasing NGS can significantly simplify production and reduce cost, this is not something we do here. Supporting local agriculture is a key tenet of our operations, and we’re proud to take on the task of producing our own base spirit, onsite, from only locally sourced grains - always. 

Want to know if another producer is making 100% of their spirits? Ask them! If they aren’t able, or open to answer the question - check their labeling. A producer who is selling spirits not wholly produced by them will usually indicate that by stating that the spirit was “bottled by” as opposed to being “distilled by” or “produced by”. 

Can I visit the distillery? 

Absolutely! We would love to share our story and our distillery with you! COVID restrictions allowing, you’re welcome to join us in the tasting room for a tasting flight or cocktail at any time. We believe in transparency, and have installed 14 foot windows in our tasting room so that you can see our operations at all times - even when we’re closed.

For a more intimate experience, book a tour with our head distiller, Adam, who will take you onto our production floor and share all the ins and outs of producing our artisanal spirits! 

Is your retail store open? 

Yes! Our retail store remains open, however tastings, cocktail service, and tours are subject to local COVID restrictions. Please feel free to call us at 613-695-5191 to check what we’re able to offer before you come in.

Do you serve non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes! We stock and serve non-alcoholic drinks such as Kichesippi’s sodas and Generations Sodas’ Tonic. We are happy to modify any cocktail on request. 

Are children allowed in your establishment? 

Absolutely! Children of all ages are welcome in our tasting room. You are welcome to bring them on to the production floor for a tour so long as you can ensure they will not touch anything - for safety! Our washroom is family friendly, and contains a change table. 

Do you offer contract distillation services? Are you interested in collaborating with our brand? 

Yes - we are able to offer milling, mashing, distilling, and packaging services. Contact us for more details. 

Can I order an entire cask of whisky? 

Certainly! Contact us for more details. 

Do you sell to licensees?

Yes - we are happy to work with licensees on orders of any size! Whether it’s one bottle, one case, or a specially commissioned project, we’re happy to discuss! Contact us with what you have in mind.


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