We are thrilled to announce that Ogham Craft Spirits has joined the Stratford-Fox Run Group of Companies.

Beginning November 1st, the distillery will be known as SFR Distillery & Lounge.

Ogham Craft Spirits will remain as our legacy brand and will appear on a number of future spirits, such as the bottling of Batch 1 of our Signature Canadian Whisky at the end of 2024 – more details to come!

Thank you for your continued support over the last few years! We’re excited to bring you along on our journey as we continue to grow. Cheers!

  • Pot Still Gin

    Produced in traditional pot still style, our gin is characterized by its whisky-like mouthfeel and subtly sweet undertones. Juniper marries with coriander seed and orris root to produce an earthy, peppery gin with notes of citrus and spice.

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  • Traditional Poitín

    Distilled from 100% Ottawa Valley grains, our Traditional Poitín boasts the same mash-bill as our upcoming Signature Canadian Whisky. Aromas of straw and fresh cut grass - the grains introduce themselves in your palette. A more characterful alternative to vodka.

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  • Cider Eau-de-vie

    In collaboration with our friends at Farmgate Cider, we've made an unaged apple brandy that is is crystal clear on the nose with a dry apple taste and clean finish. This spirit will transport you directly to the orchard on a crisp fall morning.

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  • Bierschnapps

    Distilled from Kichesippi's 1855,
    this clear spirit highlights the balance of malt and hops that amber
    ales are known for. A light aroma of pine and citrus from the Chinook
    hops is complemented by a full malty flavour on the palate.

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  • L'Imposteur Rye Bourbon

    Copper tinted high-rye Bourbon with sticky long legs and a nose that reminds of sweeping after a day's work at the woodworking studio. Chippy, spicy and lightly maple candy, this whisky tingles the palate with a long, wintery peppercorn warmth.

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  • L'Imposteur Wheat Bourbon

    Brass hued and clean wheat Bourbon Whisky with spicy and nutty aromas. Warming oak notes brings a rich, honeycomb flavour together with malty backbone and hazelnut maple for a lengthy, comfortable dram.

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